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Bangor International Choral Festival

Long Service Awards

As Bangor Ladies Choir has been going for nearly 40 years, it was decided  to recognise members who had given 25 years or more of dedication and commitment to the choir. The following members have been presented with a crystal quaver pin to thank them for their many years of singing with the Choir and will wear it with pride on their formal uniform:

Margaret McDowell and Meta Ireland (1976)

Roberta Dunlop, Margaret Collins and Margaret Quail (1977)

Rosemary Shaw (1978)

Nancy Cooke and Linda Ludlow (1980)

Hazel McCaughan, Bette Leonard and Liz Pollock (1982)

Florence Warden (1983)

Joyce McKinley and Kathleen Montgomery (1984)

Pat McNally (1985)

Margaret Parker, Margaret Gray, Agnes Wetherall (1986)

Shenna Russell (1990)

Betty Topping (1991)

Heather McKeown, Wilma McClelland, Kaye Johnston and Edna Watters (1992)

Liz Fisher and Pat Stewart (1994)

Below is a photograph of some of the members who received their long service award. Congratulations and thank you to you all!

Some Choir members of 25 years + Founder Members: Meta Ireland and Margaret McDowell

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