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Bangor International Choral Festival

Long Service Awards


Bangor Ladies Choir is indebted to all its members for their commitment and dedication but for those who have completed 25 YEARS of unbroken membership this is recognised by the presentation of a crystal Quaver pin which is worn, with pride, on our formal uniform. This is to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the loyalty and devotion to BLC.



1976 Margaret McDowell, Meta Ireland (Founder Members)
1977 Roberta Dunlop, Margaret Collins
1978 Rosemary Shaw
1980 Linda Ludlow
1982 Liz Pollock
1986 Margaret Parker, Agnes Wetherall
1989 Jean Watts
1991 Edna Watters, Geraldine Jamison, Jenny Johnston
1992 Heather McKeown, Wilma McClelland, Carole Hughes
1994 Liz Fisher
1996 Anne Poots, Eileen Patton, Doreen Magill
1998 Linda Milby



Meta and Margaret

Founder Members: Meta Ireland and Margaret McDowell

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